Early Childhood Education
Programs and Schedules

Daybreak Academy is a private preschool and early childhood elementary school in South Jordan, UT. We offer a wide range of programs and services for bright and gifted students beginning with infants and going through first grade. Our school day for pre-K and younger levels starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM. Our school day for kindergarten and 1st grade starts at 8:30 AM and ends at 3:00 PM, with before and after-school care available from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM for all programs.

Learning together
We also offer affordable "extended care" that is available daily from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. This allows us to accommodate the schedules of working parents, making us an excellent alternative to traditional child care. Kindergarten and grade school are from Monday to Friday only. Preschool programs offer a variety of schedules, including:
  • Monday to Friday
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Tuesday and Thursday

We have a team of dedicated teachers who have the experience and credentials to manage excellent classrooms. Our teachers are known for their talents and innate passion for teaching.

The curriculum of Daybreak Academy covers the core standards of each grade level but goes above and beyond with unsurpassed enrichment. Your child’s potential knows no limits, so we want to give him or her the opportunity to do more.

All students get to participate in two or more special enrichment lessons every day they attend. These classes are taught by specialists and include the following:

  • Applied sciences
  • Art history and visual arts
  • Creative literature
  • Creative technology
  • Film and theater
  • Hindi music and movement
  • Piano, music, and singing lessons
  • Yoga and meditation

You may read more details about our individual programs below. Please give us a call at (801) 878-1788 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour. We look forward to meeting your uniquely gifted child.

Different in All the



Our all-inclusive Infant/Toddler room focuses on brain development and respectful caregiving.-



Your preschooler will be taught by experienced teachers in a fun and expertly structured learning environment.


Kindergarten Prep

Pre-K is specifically designed for children who will be attending kindergarten the following school year.



Our full-day, in-house kindergarten program cannot be found in other schools across the whole state.

Grade School - Elementary

Our elementary is second to none. Unique programs like Advanced Arts Enrichment ensure holistic learning.

Infant & Toddler Care (6 weeks – 18 months)

Our Infant/Toddler learning environment focuses on the children’s brain development and respectful caregiving. This is done through our curriculum of planned activities, outside time and nurturing teachers. Each child’s needs are individually met allowing them to explore, learn and grow in the way that is best for them.

Included in tuition is diapers and wipes.

Preschool (Ages 18 months and Older)

Our instructors teach a comprehensive academic curriculum. We hold developmentally appropriate classes on math, science, and pre-reading skills in an expertly structured and fun environment. In addition, each student gets to participate in daily special enrichment lessons. These classes are taught by trusted professionals.

We teach according to the Utah Core Standards for preschool. On top of that, we go the extra mile with our own in-house, arts-based enrichment programs.

Kindergarten Prep

Our gifted teachers and exceptional curriculum have made pre-K one of our most popular programs. Your child will be guided by highly capable teachers in a well-designed learning environment. He or she will also benefit from our full curriculum that includes math, science, and reading. They will also take part in special enrichment lessons every single day they attend.

Everything we teach is aligned with Utah Core Standards for prekindergarten and is complemented by our in-house, arts-based enrichment programs. Every pre-K graduate is well-prepared for kindergarten and beyond.


Our kindergarten students receive a well-rounded academic and arts enrichment experience, which is crucial to their intellectual and social development. The academic curriculum consists of classes that will equip them with the necessary knowledge they’ll need later in life. Also, each class is relatively small, which means your child will get more personalized attention from the teachers.

Best of all, they get to participate in two or more special enrichment lessons every day. These classes include creating their own stop-motion animation videos, participating in class musicals, growing an organic garden, performing at piano recitals, and taking part in various physical education courses to improve their gross and fine motor skills.

Grade School - Elementary

Our first grade elementary school programs are second to none. Unique programs like our Advanced Arts Enrichment lessons ensure that each child's mind is expanded and nurtured. Thanks to our advanced curriculum and low student to teacher ratio, many of our elementary students end up reading well above grade level and excelling in mathematics. We aim to have students leaving our Academy more than ready for their next grade level and excelling well beyond common core.

Enrichment Videos