Kind words from our families…

"This incredible school has played such a huge role in the development of our beautiful girls these past three years. So many wonderful teachers and staff have touched their young lives in so many ways. It seems everyone there knows their names and, more importantly, know who they are and how wonderful they are. We cannot think of anyone we have met at your institution who has not shown great love and care for our sweet girls at one time or another. We will forever be grateful for the role each one of you has played in their young lives. We would not trade the experience we have had these last three years for anything". Mary 2017 ~ David and Jill Hatch

"The teachers are so wonderful! They treat my son with true love and respect! They show genuine care and concern for him! I also love the martial arts teacher! He is so amazing!! I have been so amazed by what my 4 yr old has told me about science. My son loves his teachers! March 2016 ~ Johni Marie Carter

"Teachers are amazing." March 2016 ~ Sagnite Graham

"I love the teachers and atmosphere... I have seen improvement in Jamison's learning in the 1st 3 months of attending and it keeps growing. Jamison Loves his teachers." March 2016 ~ Autumn Morton

"I love it! My daughter has learned so much since starting there almost 2 years ago. I would highly recommend this school to anyone." March 2016 ~January Geertsen

"I love EVERYTHING about Daybreak Academy. The enrichment programs, all the teachers and staff, the organic, healthy food that is served, the small class sizes... etc." ~ Falcon Parent

"It is a terrific school that engages children much more than the typical school." March 2016 ~ Jason Merrill

"Great program with very reasonable costs, the teachers are invested in the children." March 2016 ~ Parakeet Family

"I love the family feel to the school's environment. I love the focus on healthy food, including the idea of kids getting to contribute to the school garden. Walking in the door and seeing the staff at the desk interacting and knowing kids names as they arrive creates a wonderful feel. I walk away feeling my child is an individual and in good hands." March 2016 ~ Starling Parent

"The teachers are always consistently caring, kind and informative. The teachers in the Bumble Bee and Starlings classrooms are awesome! Very caring and welcoming!" March 2016 ~ Starling Parent

"Daybreak has been a great school and the staff is fantastic. The teachers have made an impact on Hudson. He loves school because of them." March 2016 ~ Lindsey Park

"The Academy has great teachers and great extras (martial arts, Mandarin, piano, etc)." March 2016 ~ Amy Brower

"What I like about Daybreak Academy is the culture, mix of learning and fun." March 2016 ~ RaNell Lefler

"Its so comforting bringing my child here. I have zero doubts about this facility and 100% trust my child here. Great work Daybreak!" March 2016 ~ Chickadee Parent

"I love that the preschool day is 6 hours rather than 2 or 3, so I have time for myself and I can actually get things done while they are at school. I also love the teachers and the happy, energetic people who work at the school." March 2016 ~ Starling Parent

Our child's teacher is a very loving caregiver. My daughter loves her and enjoys going to school - I believe this is a direct reflection of the quality of care and activities she receives at the school. March 2016 ~ Chrissey Hayes

"We like the variety of things that the children are taught." March 2016 ~ Clarissa Armstrong

"I love that my child loves going there. He is doing very well socially and academically. He gets new experiences and is cared for deeply by the staff." March 2016 ~ Hummingbird Parent

"My child has a fabulous teacher who provides a very warm and positive environment for her students. She is extremely good at communicating with parents and ensures a smooth connection between home and school. I really appreciate that she greets me and my child every morning and comes up to us and talk. I also like that she hugs my child and give physical contact! I am very happy with all the Kindergarten teachers and as they have created a very supportive, positive and fun learning environment. I also think the teacher is making an effort to teach the children from the level they are at rather than the same level for all students. The individualized teaching is very much appreciated...the school has excellent teachers and good variety of enrichment lessons. Has a more holistic and modern curriculum than other schools." March 2016 ~ Eva Zellman

"I like the focus on the arts, Chinese, piano, martial arts, bunnies, garden, organic lunches, traditional schedule, before/after care, staff, diversity and date nights." March 2016 ~ Falcon Parent

"Mr. Bryan has a way with the kids that is respectful and fun. He is an amazing teacher! When I came to the school for the first time, I had the opportunity to sit and listen to Mr. Bryan teaching taekwondo and I immediately thought 'I want my son to be taught by him'. Since my son has come to this school, I continue to love every interaction I see with Mr. Bryan and the kids. He can discipline and teach them in such a great way. My son loves to say hi to Mr. Bryan and talks about what Mr. Bryan teaches him. I am impressed with some of the things my son is learning in regards to music - he won't tell me a lot of what he's learned when I ask what he did in music but when he decides to tell me what he knows, I am impressed with what he knows. My husband and I both have a music background and I am loving that my son is being exposed to music lessons this young." March 2016 ~ Janene Day

"The Academy is a great place, the teachers and all staff know the kids by name. The enrichment lessons helps a lot on the kids development." ~ Chickadee Parent

"I like the additional enrichment courses like music, science, martial arts and Chinese." March 2016 ~ Judy Christodoulou

"I like that my kids are happy to go to school each day. Their happiness is what's important." March 2016 ~Olivia Riggs

“We reviewed & compared all of the different options for our daughter and Daybreak Academy is by far the best place in the state of Utah. The staff are knowledgeable & passionate about what they do and care so much for the students. We moved to Utah in 2014 and finding Daybreak Academy was one of the highlights of our year.” 1/6/2015 The Milks Family, Butterfly Parent

“I love the individual attention my daughter London receives. Everyone knows her by name including other teachers. I love how they focus on the arts and Music in the classroom as well, as most schools have cut a lot of arts programs out of their curriculum.” 1/21/2015 - Andrea Southerland

“I am very satisfied with the education that my child has received at Daybreak and the depth of opportunities that he is provided, from Chinese to Music to Martial Arts. My child's teachers have been very professional and show a significant interest in my child's education and involving my wife and I in furthering his development.” 1/9/2015 Bryan McIsaac, Pre-K Parakeet Parent

“I like the variety of methods they use to teach the children. They make it a fun environment for the kids to learn in and they go above and beyond required teaching in my opinion. My daughter always talks about how much she loves school.” 1/08/2015 Shelby B, Starling Parent

“I like Daybreak for its extra activities, clean learning environment, and friendly staff.” 1/07/2015 Christopher M Symond, Pre-K Parakeet Parent

“I love everything about Daybreak Academy, the teachers & staff are so friendly and awesome. The learning curriculum, the arts. Everything!!!” 1/6/2015 Eagle Parent

“I like the idea of having enrichment classes throughout the day. I have liked having our child do karate and Mandarin and so forth. That is one of my favorite things about the school and differentiates it from other schools we looked at.” 1/7/2015 Eagles Parent

“I like all the different activities the children get to participate in and it's all included during school hours like karate (which my son loves), music, visual arts, technology etc.” 1/7/2015 Starling Parent

“The teachers, healthy snacks, enrichment activities, clean, and the importance of outside time.” 1/6/2015 Starling Parent

“Daybreak Academy has been an outstanding experience for both of my children. I love the staff! I feel like they really care about my kids. Both of them been improving a ton in their academics and social behavior. They always come home feeling happy about their day at school and that means the world to me!” 1/6/2015 Jessica Walker, Falcons and Blue Jay Parent

“I highly recommend Daybreak Academy. I feel my child is safe, well cared for, and is learning.”1/6/2015 Hummingbird Parent

“The academy offers exceptional care that you can't find anywhere else. The teachers are highly qualified and the curriculum is extensive and the students are safe.” 1/6/2015 Bre Stoddard, Starling Parent

“I love how the Academy is constantly enriching. kids are up and moving a lot and are not stuck in a chair learning.” 1/6/2015 Chickadee Parent

“I like everything about it! I like the location, the schedule, the teachers, the staff, the academic and extra-curricular learning. I have heard horror stories about kids getting sick while in preschool and I have yet to see my daughter come home ill from school. You can tell the kids are being taught ALL forms of learning, even cleanliness. It's amazing.” 1/6/2015 Amanda, Eagle Parent

“I really like the extra enrichment specialists they get. My student comes home with amazing knowledge of things I know I have not taught him!” 1/6/2015 Chickadee Parent

“Daybreak Academy is a great school who has teachers that genuinely care about your child’s wellbeing. The arts and enrichments provide children with great knowledge and self-confidence.” 1/6/2015 Falcon Parent

"I love that my daughter is starting to speak Chinese. She told me that I have a very clean "wabaloo" (microwave). I love it when she sings in Chinese. She taught me how to play my first song on the piano. She was so excited when I got the song right, she clapped and said, "Good job mommy!" It's so nice to hear her practice in her room while singing along. She loves art and science and Mr. Brian is her favorite teacher. She asked me if I knew what a symbiotic relationship was. (No). She loves karate and uses her hamper and kicks it all over the house. She talks about Ms. Teri and Ms. Colleen all of the time. She loves learning new songs and sings them quite a bit. I have seen a lot of improvement socially and academically." -Brenda Benalcazar

"I love the staff, I love the fact that I can peek on my kids anytime I want, I love that they feed them organic foods, I just LOVE Daybreak Academy!" - Celeste Bruening

"The price is SO reasonable for the care and education they get! My son loves going to school, loves his teacher, and tells me all about his day. I've seen changes in him that are incredible as far as his speech, balance, vocabulary, and his ability to listen to directions. I'm also constantly bragging about the academy's interest in providing a progressive, healthy experience! The organic food, early education, garden, and environment sets the school apart from other daycares and preschools. We're thrilled!!" - 10/28/2013 Bumblebee Parent

"Low teacher/student ratio, excellent staff, lots of extras beyond standard curriculum, my kid likes going there & is learning a lot!" - 10/30/2013 Kindergarten Parent

The school is awesome. The teacher & staff are very kind and caring. I feel completely comfortable knowing my son is in such capable hands. 10/29/2013 Hummingbird Parent

It is an amazing learning environment. - 10/29/2013 Butterfly Parent

We like everything! - 10/29/2013 K-Prep Parakeet Parent

We like all-day Kindergarten. Small class size with two qualified and well-experienced teachers in the classroom. A wide variety of subjects in curriculum, enabling our after school time to be spent together as a family instead of driving children to piano lessons, karate lessons, soccer practice, etc. - 10/29/2013 Kindergarten Eagle Parent

We like everything. The enrichment lessons, the staff. The environment in the academy. - 10/28/2013 Hummingbird Parent

The excellent teachers, the safe environment and the diverse and comprehensive learning and play that is provided. - 10/27/2013 Bumblebee Parent

The structured curriculum makes learning fun and easy. The child always know what the next step is, but there is always a surprise element that makes it enjoyable. - 10/27/2013 K-Prep Parakeet Parent

I like that the school has a vibrant feel to it and a layout which doesn't feel stifling, but rather gives children the ability to feel like they can be kids while learning and growing. I love that there are multiple facets to the child's experience from the chickens in the yard to the big playground to the focus on the arts. - 10/26/2013 Bumblebee Parent

My child loves it and learns so much - 10/25/20130 Bumblebee Parent

They care about my child, and my child loves going there everyday - 10/25/2013 Bumblebee Parent

Joining enrichment classes (music, martial arts, etc.) with regular school curriculum and not being charged an arm and a leg is what I love about the academy. - 10/25/2013 Hummingbird Parent

I am comfortable leaving my Son/my most prized gift there in their hands. I trust them and know he's safe. - 10/25/2013 Bumblebee Parent

I like the safety. Locked down facility. Clean - 10/25/2013 Parakeet Parent

It's fun, organized, clean and safe. Our child has a lot of fun when he goes there and doesn't want to leave. So it's great 😉 - 10/24/2013 Hummingbird Parent

That the offering of programs is outstanding, the teachers and staff are friendly and the location is good. - 10/24/2013 Kindergarten Eagle Parent

The school is kept very clean and sanitary, the food is healthy and organic, the art projects are creative and my child loves them. - 10/24/2013 Hummingbird Parent

It is a structured preschool where kids can be exposed to extra curricular activities. - 10/24/2013 Hummingbird Parent

We like everything. The type of learning and programs available to the children. The wonderful teachers. Not being charged extra for different programs. The amazing food prepared with some ingredients from the student's own garden. - 10/24/2013 Bumblebee Parent

Very good Arts program that develops the creative side of the child. Also good to develop child's social interaction skills. - 10/24/2013 K-Prep Parakeet Parent

Caring & nurturing teachers. Everybody knows my child's name. High quality school - 10/24/2013 Hummingbird Parent

From the moment I drop my child off I am completely at ease. They always greet me and my child by name. Absolutely love the curriculum, and the teachers have all been amazing so far. Makes it easy to leave my child knowing not only does he love it there, but he is learning and experiencing all different kinds of things! - 10/24/2013 Hummingbird Parent

The [security] cameras and the director knowing every parents and students name - 10/23/2013  Butterfly Parent

Great learning environment - 10/23/2013 9:41 Blue Jay Parent

Good teachers, mandarin Chinese program - 10/23/2013 Parakeet Parent

I like the care that the teacher truly shows for my child and how well organized the school is with the curriculum. - 10/23/2013 Hummingbird Parent

The security! Friendly staff, my child learns a lot, healthy snacks, clean, several enrichment lessons so the kids don't get bored, and outside play time. - 10/23/2013 Blue Jay Parent

My child is only 1 1/2, so most people think of her as going to a daycare. I make sure to let them know that it is a school. I explain all the projects they do, with the arts and music, also the gymnastics and martial arts. My child is getting so much more than just a babysitter. She comes home knowing things that I haven't spent a lot of time being able to teach her. With having two working parents, it is so great to have a place that cares and give my child the attention, learning environment and discipline (dance and martial arts) that I am not able to give being at work. - 10/23/2013 Butterfly Parent

The organic food provided and the fact that there is a different enrichment lesson every day. - 10/23/2013 Bumblebee Parent

Daybreak [Academy] is awesome, my child loves it and I highly recommend them! I have told people that my child does karate, Chinese and all sorts of cool things. - 10/23/2013 Kindergarten Eagle Parent

The teachers and staff are wonderful. The enrichment activities are great--our kids love them. Curriculum seems to be spot on for our kids, too.- 10/23/2013 Kindergarten Eagle Parent

I love the academics, the enrichment lessons are awesome- especially applied science - and we love the director and how she treats/interacts with our son. - 10/23/2013 Kindergarten Eagle Parent

A school with good extra activities. - 10/23/2013 K-Prep Parakeet Parent

Overall, great balance of school/play/rest. great staff. - 10/23/2013 Hummingbird Parent

The school is a great, comprehensive education with very professional staff and the environment is great. - 10/23/2013 Blue Jay Parent

High quality preschool education - 10/23/2013 Bumblebee Parent

it is a wonderful school - 10/23/2013 Kindergarten Eagle Parent

The staff is very friendly and easy to talk to. There is nothing that you cannot ask them or get assistance with. I feel that my son is very well taken care of and safe. The food menu is exceptional. - 10/23/2013 Hummingbird Parent

I like class size and curriculum. - 10/23/2013 Bumblebee Parent

That my son is learning a TON. I love that he says please, thank you, bless you and excuse me, I LOVE that he comes home singing songs, and I LOVE that I can check on him throughout the day! I would definitely recommend this school to anyone! - 10/23/2013 Butterfly Parent

The staff is friendly and we like the focus on arts in the curriculum. - 10/23/2013 Blue Jay Parent

staff very competent and friendly 10/23/2013 Hummingbird Parent

I am very pleased with how much my child is learning. I tried to teach him some of these things and could not get him to show any interest in learning numbers or alphabet, which he loves now. - 10/23/2013 Blue Jay Parent

good staff, secure, good menu, extras are great (mandarin,etc) - 10/23/2013 Butterfly Parent

I feel like it is a step above other places we've seen. The teachers and staff seem happy to be there. - 10/23/2013 Hummingbird Parent

I like everything!! from all the different enrichment lessons, to the teachers. I love that my daughter loves to go to school! - 10/23/2013 K-Prep Parakeet Parent